Union Point Downtown Development Authority and Better Hometown Program (UPDDA)

Historic Sibley Avenue

Welcome to Union Point

We're a rural Georgia town of 1,602 residents located 90 miles East
of Atlanta (or as we say, "Atlanta is 90 miles West of Union Point"). 

We are called "Union Point", because we were the "union point" of two major railway lines...Augusta to Atlanta (still operational CSX line) and Union Point to Athens (no longer operational).

Like many other towns, we were impacted by the closing of our major employer the textile mill, Chipman-Union.

Since 2006 we are focused on revitalizing downtown Union Point by creating a "creative economy centric" business environment. We are looking for people and businesses who want to be involved in the community,live in
Union Point (or downtown), open small retail businesses such as restaurants, art galleries, cafes, antique stores, boutiques and light manufacturing.

Union Point, Greene County

Downtown Union Point