Union Point Downtown Development Authority and Better Hometown Program (UPDDA)

Union Point welcomes A TICKET TO RIDE on Saturday, March 21.2015

Bike riders will begin in Athens and follow the RAILS to TRAILS track to Union Theatre in Union Point. The Firefly Riders are expected to start arriving in town around 10:30 a.m.. Join us as we welcome the riders. Feel free to ask questions. Make plans to ride with them next year. For more information go to FB/Firefly Trail.   Lots of info and pics on their home page. 


Our Valentines for the Veterans was a tremendous sucess. Union Point Elementary and Nathanael Greene Academy students designed and gave over three hundred Valentines.


Wayside Ladies Speak , A Civil War Reenactment will be presented again this year at The United Methodist Church and Wisteria Cemetery!   Watch for the date on the Union Point Better Hometown Face Book page.

Outdoor Movie Free Outdoor showing of "Home"  this summer at the Union Point Ballfields.  Movie at dusk, games for the children starting early in afternoon.  Great concession stand!  Come for Supper!  Watch for the dated on FB page.

On November 3, 2010 the DDA was awarded a $1,000 matching grant.
This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency, the National Endowment
for the Arts. The DDA commits an additional $2,095.

The project will create a public art project by painting a locomotive and installing it in our City Park for all to enjoy. It will be completed by
June 30, 2011,

$5,000 "challenge" grant awarded by Plum Creek Foundation:

On September 12, 2010 the DDA was awarded a $5,000 challenge grant
by the Plum Creek Foundation of Seattle, Washington. The DDA will seek matching funds from businesses and organizations.The funds will be used in the "Union Theatre" renovation, including electrical and fire safety upgrading to meet 2010 Greene County codes. Thank you Plum Creek Foundation.

$1,622 Grant awarded for "Grassroots Arts Program"(GAPS):

On November 25, 2009 the DDA was awarded the above grant by the Georgia Council for the Arts to bring arts programming to our county and
to reach out to all citizens of our community.

Our program "Try Your Hand at Art" was an interactive afternoon of the arts that encouraged attendees to participate. Focus was on the whole family, but especially the children. The 10-12 presenting artists briefly demonstrated their art, then for the rest of the 30 minute period the everybody  "tried their hand" at that art. The idea was to do something you've never done before... but have wanted to do.

Arts that  "try your hand at" included were painting, dance, story telling, cartoon, clay pottery, wire sculpture, poetry, folk art, dolcimer/guitar/key board playing, food decoration and fiber art.

$6,213 Grant awarded for "Tourism Product Development":

On November 4, 2009 the DDA received a $6,213 "Tourism Product Development" grant form the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Only 13 communities were selected for this highly competitive state wide grant. Funds were used to build two new restrooms in the "Union Theatre", which is currently under renovation. Please see our website "UnionTheatre.net"