Union Point Downtown Development Authority and Better Hometown Program (UPDDA)

We have been working hard to make Union Point more attractive to residents and visitors...



Before the Project started...

After the Project was completed...

In June 2009, using a "Grassroots Arts Program" grant (see "news" tab
for details) supplemented with DDA funds, and located on Scott Street
in the historic downtown district, a 100 foot long mural was painted by
a group of local artists led by Jan Whyllson representing the history of
Union Point.
Local residents and visitors alike have commented on how unique and interesting this recent addition is to the town.

The mural shows...

The "Firefly" locomotive

was the first locomotive to travel between Union Point and Athens.
It was so named because as a wood burning engine, when the sparks
went out the smoke stack they looked like "fireflies".

The Depot

Always the scene of great activity as people traveled East-West
and North-South.

Wayside Home

In 1864, as the Battle of Atlanta raged, wounded and dying soldiers were put on flat cars and shipped East on the railroad. When Mrs. Hart heard of this she had one of the men stop the train. She and 14 other ladies took the wounded men to a house, know as the Wayside Home. An over flow of the wounded were lodged and tended in several homes along Carlton Street overlooking the rail lines.

Maypole at old school house

Education has always been a priority in Union Point. The old school house is now the City Museum. Two of the most beloved parts of the school where the old bell and the Maypole.

Fluker Shoppe and Bottling Company

Soon after the railroad opened,Oscar Fluker (center,right) opened a soda water shop which soon expanded into a general store.
Mr. Anderson (center,left) was one of the many "Free Persons of Color" who owned Revolutionary lottery lands in the County. These free
African-American planters owned lands North and West of Union Point.

Mississippian Mound Builder

Native Americans made annual pilgrimages to hunt for game who were attracted to the "Buffalo Lick" (East of Union Point) and lie in the healing waters of the many cold springs.